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Roxanna Dunlop

Why Chris Wallace?

Mostly like the podcast.


Entertaning Fresh Perspective


I Love tis podcast.Everybody should listen it.

Great Show

The sound be good.This is a great podcast.


Great Podcast to enjoy


Love this podcast! Deligah is a huge supporter of educators! He has a lot to say and it’s obvious he does the research for each episode!

Best of the best

Listening to this bas become something I do every time I need to go drive.

Love this Show!

Love every conversation always giving me something to think about loved the podcast.

New go to

Love this real ness and raw quality of the episodes.

Great Show!

I listen to the show every morning. Keeps me up to date on the worlds news.

Thank You

This is one of the most professional podcasts in the world

Deligah agrier Podcast

Best episode in world. Loved it.

My Most Listened To Podcast Of 2021!

This is my Top Podcast Series, according to my 2021


The best way to stat morning. People need more or these types of shows.

Highly Recommend!

I really like listening to stories.

Love this podcast!

I love this podcast. Please keep up the great work.

Love this podcast!

I love this podcast. Please keep up the great work.

My new favorite!

Love this podcast and will be tuning dahgrilder.

I like it but I am happy!

It's good for everyone.

Please Stroll and Trolling!

I love your show and you delivery of the truth. I love hearing your opinion on Covid-19’s. Please do that daily.

Where I get my news

I love this show and the honest perspective of daily news. Keep growing! Hey please mention COVID everyday on Strolling and Trolling.

Fan Of Fans

Hearing facts that are true and unpopular is refreshing. I look forward to the daily news without the emotional aspect and to hear the opinion on that new. Thank you for keeping your show honest.

Music Lover

Really Love This podcast.


I love this podcast

The best

I absolutely love this show. Put this on your “must listen to” list as soon as possible.

Let’s talk vaccines

No words. Love this show

Informational 👍

This podcast is informative about current news. I Love it.

Amazing !

Mind blowing every single time