Nov. 4, 2021

New Music

New Music

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New Releases By Deligah Grier

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Like That There: The Club Banger that will have #tiktok going crazy matching a dance to the chorus

-gate.fm/vu0oiC  Nov. 5th


Talk: The lyrical Displays of metaphors and analogies only a real mc can spit-

gate.fm/F49qYPnB  Nov. 5th


Stay Close Now: The Club Track that will make you grab her waste and dance-

gate.fm/kEe4vEdv Nov. 12th

Um’a Get Mine: For the hustler, the grinder, the person that’s out to get what’s theirs gate.fm/1DHoOks Nov. 12th

Protected: The lyrical masterpiece that will cast a light one the sacrifice and choices of raising our children gate.fm/vAJhBuO Nov. 12th